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There's Something About Hazleton -- Updated May 11, 2001

This is just a simple page to note the changes to this site, which happen whenever I get around to it. If you have any suggestions for these pages, please send them to and I'll be happy to consider them.
I know, the last substantial changes I made to this site were over a year ago. Unfortunately for you, if I were to rank all of the things I need to do, attending to this site isn't in the top ten. Or fifty. Every few months, however, this feeling of guilt rises from my feet and overtakes me. The results are the following answers to questions you're going to ask anyway.

  • Why haven't you answered my e-mail?

    Basically, I had not checked the account until two weeks ago. A few months ago, I mentioned on the front page that I was just about done with maintaining this site since there really wasn't much material left to add to it. There are only so many Hazleton-related sites on the internet, and only so many Camaro jokes a guy can make. I just lost interest for a while.

    The problem is, the two weeks since I checked my mail have been the two busiest weeks of my year, so I haven't had time to respond to anything yet. I'm working on it, I swear.

  • I asked you for information about ___________. Why didn't you respond?

    I get a lot of requests for everything from long-lost relatives looking for information about their family histories to a request for a 1973 Hazleton High School yearbook. Simply put, I'm not living in Hazleton right now, so I couldn't find these things even if I actually wanted to.

  • What happened to the guestbook?

    The guestbook has been removed for a number of reasons. First, quite a few people who signed the guestbook have written and complained that they have been receiving SPAM e-mail after putting their addresses in the guestbook. Naturally, I don't control where the information in the guestbook goes, or who gets your e-mail addresses after you type them in the form. I apologize for any inconveniences, but understand there's nothing I can about that problem. Second, since the provider of the guestbook has completely redone their service, I don't have a working password to make changes to the service and can't automatically tack the old entries into a new guestbook. Well, I could, but it would take days. So tough luck, Chachi.

    With this in mind, if you're looking for information that is in the old guestbook (a friend's address or whatever), the actual guestbook information is still up. Feel free to write me and I'll tell you the address for the old guestbook (assuming it's still online, of course).

  • What happened to my addition to the Hazleton list?

    Regarding the "You're From Hazleton If..." list, I am completely editing it. Please don't harass me if your suggestion doesn't make the list. I had been blindly tacking on whatever comments I was being sent, but lately I've been receiving stuff like "If you own a truck, you're from Hazleton", and that's just not going to cut it. Here's your basic standard: if I don't get the reference, it won't make the list unless it's painfully obvious that a lot of people would relate to it.

  • What's up with the links page?

    That's easy. I removed all of the dead links and replaced them with sites that actually, you know, exist.

Thanks for checking out the changes, now go back to the front page and start wasting time again.